Winning Lessons We Can Learn From This Presidential Campaign

Within this bitterly contested presidential campaign are at least three valuable lessons for anyone who wants to win by becoming the favorite choice in their market. This campaign is probably the most high-stakes, expensive, intensive experiment in nudging behavior human behavior to attract money, votes and influencers to sway others to give either.  It has involved real time and other analytics, profiling, mobile outreach, and uneven attempts to out-label themselves and each other, to create a narrative that sways the most voters.

Soon after today’s election we will know the results in this new kind of high tech/ high touch showdown that combines both data crunching and other technology with in-person events that the candidates raced around the country to attend.

What we can also learn from this costly campaign are concrete ways to win in our world of work and civic life.  Here are three, and I’d love to learn yours via comments at this column… please read the rest of this column at Forbes.


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