Quick Tour of Ways to Accomplish More – With Others

From Jake, the wine bar owner to free samples provider, Aliza Freud, individuals are collaborating on ways to tap the collective intelligence.  They become more successful and savor their work – with others. Avoid GroupThink. Adapt one of their methods to your situation.

Visit Elance, crowdSPRING and elsewhere to ask the crowd for help.

Try another Me2We method, co-creation.  For example, together, make a custom map to serve a hot niche.

From WeightWatchers to Tami’s T-shirts, corporations, causes and soloists are generating more value, visibility and profits by partnering.

Find more Me2We success stories to attract customers, host a successful conference or other gathering,  start a support group or help a cause. Perhaps you want to influence, inspire, forge friendships or discover more about our behavior.

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with Kare Anderson

What can we do better together? For greater accomplishment, adventure and friendship let's harness the power of us. Share ways to thrive in this next chapter of your life with others. (more...)