Buy the Safest Products for You and the World, With the Help of ….

… a good guide. Now here’s a new company I’ll use and hope will succeed.  GoodGuide has recruited scientists and other “trusted advisors” and gathered facts from a wide range of resources to enable you to make wiser choices about the consumer products you buy. It rates products three ways: health, social and environmental. At home or on your mobile, standing in the store, get the facts that are most important to you about the kind of product you are contemplating buying.UC Berkeley professor and Good Guide CEO Dara O’Rourke’s lofty aim?  To be “the world’s largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of products and companies.” He sure has impressive partners.They are in start-up mode so there will be bugs in the system. Make suggestions about how you want it to operate or the products you want them to rate.  See and vote on others’ suggestions too.  (Ah, the Wisdom of the Crowd at work.)Tell me if you find it helpful.P.S. Months later Church of the Customer is giving it a thumbs up. 

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