When a Crisis Hits, How Will Your Group Help Members?

Ike Pigott wanted to help more people find out if their loved ones were safe when Hurricane Katrina hit, but he couldn’t. Soon after it struck, phone lines became jammed at his regional Red Ike PigottCross office. He didn’t forget. Pigott convinced his global non-profit to create a general blog. And now, when a crisis hits, such as the wildfires in Southern California, Red Cross can set up a blog. Quickly.

People to find each other faster. Donors, volunteers, those affected and the media can turn to each other to work smarter, faster.

Why not spearhead your group’s social media plan to help members in times of sudden crisis – or opportunity?

Is your member-based club, religious organization, special interest group or association ready to set up a blog quickly? Are there other kinds of social media that could strengthen your members’ ability to support each other, attract more members, serve the media and grow closer? For example, I am a fan of google groups and Yahoo groups because they are free and relatively easy to use, provided the group is well-moderated and agrees on rules of engagement.

Thanks Michael Sebastian, for this story.

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